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15 Best Galaxy S10 Cases in 2019



Silk Galaxy S10 Wallet Slayer

Silk Galaxy S10 Wallet Slayer

A brand by the name of Silk makes my favorite wallet cases. I hate the idea of a bulky wallet folio case that folds open and holds credit cards and cash. It's just not ideal. 

The Silk "Wallet Slayer" is the perfect wallet case for someone that wants one less thing to worry about and carry. They use a dual-layer durable and flexible TPU frame to keep the phone safe. Not to mention reinforced corners with air-gap technology. Raised edges keep the screen safe, too. 

However, flip it over and you'll see the special stuff on the back. Silk designed a wallet slot right into the TPU frame that's capable of holding 2-3 credit/debit or ID cards, plus a little bit of cash. And if you only have one card, it'll securely hold that too as there's tension to hold your cards in place.

We really like the cutout on the other edge of the wallet for easy access, which makes sliding a card out very easy. Each case has high-grip textured sides with a textured material that feels similar to the grip of a handgun, and it's very premium. Plus, hiding inside the wallet is a little slit where you can turn your credit card or ID into a kickstand for hands-free movies and TV watching. This wallet case is the best. 

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    04/16/2019 at 6:01 pm

    My choice for S10 is the clear full protection TORRAS now on AMAZON which fits perfect.

  2. Ajay

    06/27/2019 at 3:56 am

    Don’t want to make your Galaxy S10 heavier but Stylish? Then get a customized sticker for your phone.

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