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Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories



The best Samsung Galaxy S5 accessories can add better sound, a more durable design, enhance photography skills and much more without breaking the bank.

Samsung announced a collection of Galaxy S5 accessories and there are many others form some of our favorite manufacturers that allow users to do more with the Galaxy S5. Some of these accessories aren’t cheap, but most of them can be found for $25 or under with a little comparison shopping.

We’ve scouted out the best Samsung Galaxy S5 accessories for your home, car and office. These accessories will keep the Galaxy S5 charged, add storage, let you watch movies on a HDTV and much more.

For the accessories that don’t come from Samsung directly they come from companies that deliver great products that we’ve used with the Galaxy S4 or with the Galaxy S5 review device that we are testing. Some of these items are accessories that the Gotta Be Mobile team uses on a daily basis.

There are certainly cheaper Galaxy S5 accessories, but these hand-picked options are the best we could find, at a fair price. Rather than buy a Galaxy S5 accessory for $8 and replace it every three months, this list aims to help you pick the best accessories that will last.

Shoppers will spend $99 to $199 on the Galaxy S5 on a two-year contract or $0 down with monthly payments of $25 to $32.50 for the new smartphone. Expect a push to buy an accessory bundle when you upgrade, but keep in mind you may be able to build your own bundle with some of these items from a carrier store and still save.

This list of the best Galaxy S5 accessories includes options from $2 up to $200 to add functionality to the Galaxy S5 at any budget. Most of these Galaxy S5 accessories are available from Amazon and Best Buy, and some will also be sold at local carrier stores and retailers.

Galaxy S5 Case

Galaxy S5 Case

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is water-resistant and dust-resistant which means most users don't need a waterproof Galaxy S5 case for day to day use, but there are still reasons to pick up a Galaxy S5 case.

For users that want a color other than white or black, a case is the only option at this time. The Galaxy S5 is more durable than the Galaxy S4 in a drop test, but some users will still want to add protection from an OtterBox or similar case.

There are also a variety of Galaxy S5 cases that add style or add a function to the case such as a wallet case or one with a built-in kickstand that can prop the smartphone up for watching videos or making a video call.

Expect to spend $20 or more on a Galaxy S5 case. Check out the best Galaxy S5 cases you can buy.



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    04/13/2014 at 8:48 am

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    04/14/2014 at 1:55 am

  3. sam

    09/11/2015 at 9:05 pm

    This is a top rated on amazon real leather case for the galaxy s5. Its custom designed, slim, sleek, offers great protection, and is very convenient. Highly recommend!

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