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10 Best Scary Horror Games for Android & iPhone



These are the best scary games and horror games you can play on iPhone or Android. Intense, heart-pounding, spooky games with zombies walking around that are perfect as Halloween nears, or for any other time of the year. Scary movie fans will love these games.

Whether you want to play a creepy sci-fi shooter, psychological thriller, or want to deal with something frightening that goes bump in the night, we have you covered.

Best Scary Horror Mobile Games

  1. The Walking Dead: Our World
  2. Five Nights at Freddy’s
  3. Dead Trigger 2
  4. Night Terrors: Bloody Mary
  5. Into The Dead 2
  6. The School: White Day
  7. Lost Within
  8. Cube Escape (Rusty Lake Series)
  9. Dark Echo
  10. Fran Bow Series

There are dozens of shooter games for iPhone or Android that are a blast, and plenty of them are “zombie shooters” too. However, horror isn’t just about shooting zombies, even though that’s the popular trend right now.

No, our list of games has a little of everything. We’ll trap you in a room and scare the life out of you, break you down psychologically, make you think, or give you some classic horror fun to enjoy while you’re out and about walking around town or school.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge increase in horror games or scary games for iPhone and Android. And while a lot of those titles are VR games, or AR similar to Pokemon GO (The Walking Dead: Our World) some are just regular smartphone games that’ll give you a thrill. So, get ready for Halloween, scare yourself or your friends, and try some of these scary games.

Our slideshow below is in no specific order, and each game is excellent, so try them all.

The Walking Dead: Our World

There are actually several amazing games for the wildly successful Walking Dead franchise. Every game in the TellTale studios is a classic, so start with TWD Episode One. However, almost every horror-fan has already played several Walking Dead Games, but probably not this next one.

Very similar to Pokemon GO or the new Harry Potter Game is an exciting, thrilling, yet scary zombie apocalypse mobile AR game worth trying. We're talking about The Walking Dead: Our World. 

Our World uses real-time location data and even your camera to turn your real-life world into a scene from the hit TV show. Instead of Pokemon spawning around town for you to catch, there are zombies popping up chasing you around, that you'll have to shoot. Run around town and watch out for Walkers. 

Download The Walking Dead AR for iPhone or Android

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