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Best Surface Go Deals: Save $50 Today



The Microsoft Surface Go is brand new, but you can already save $50 with the best Surface Go deals.

You don’t need any coupon codes, and you don’t need to be a student. The only catch is that you have to pre-order, and the best deal is a gift card.

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The Surface Go release date is August 2nd, and it’s on sale at Best Buy and Microsoft right now as a pre-order.

This is how you can save $50 on the Surface Go without waiting weeks or months.

Best Surface Go Deals

The best Surface Go deal is a $50 gift card when you pre-order the Surface Go at Best Buy. You pay full price up front, but you get a $50 gift card that you can use on anything else at Best Buy.

The Best Buy Surface Go deals are available for the base model at $399 and the upgraded model with more RAM and storage at $549.

Students, Military, educators and qualified parents can save 10% on the Surface Go direct from Microsoft.

Save $50 on the Surface Go at Best Buy without any special qualifications.

Save $50 on the Surface Go at Best Buy without any special qualifications.

You can save 10% on both of the Surface Go models, that’s $20 off the base model and $27.45 off the higher end model.

You don’t get any discount on the Surface Go Type Cover or other accessories through either of these deals.

If you buy the Surface Go at Best Buy, you may want to wait until you get the gift card, and then order the Type Cover or the Surface Pen with the gift card.

Best Buy offers $8-$12 off the Surface Pen depending on the color you pick. The Surface Go Type Cover is full price at Best Buy currently.

5 Reasons to Buy the Surface Go, 4 Reasons Not To

Buy the Surface Go for Portability

Buy the Surface Go for Portability
$399.00 from Microsoft

The Surface Go is a small, light tablet that is designed with mobile use in mind. Yes, you can connect it to a monitor and to other accessories, but it's aimed more for sticking into a purse or small bag and taking with you anywhere you go so that you can work in your Windows apps on the go. 

If you routinely find yourself wishing for a Windows experience at hand while you are waiting in lines, or sitting on the sidelines waiting for a kid's sport event to kick off, the Surface Go might be your best next companion. 

The same goes for use on airplanes, where tray tables can barely accommodate most laptops. 

Microsoft promises 9 hours of battery life, enough to get you through a full day of use. This is important in a portable device and even with some variance it should deliver the power you need to make it your go to portable companion. 

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