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Better Together Minecraft DLC: 6 Things to Know



The New Minecraft Server Browser

The New Minecraft Server Browser

Every device that receives the Better Together Minecraft DLC can expect a new server browser. This server browser will allow users to join Minecraft worlds run by community members easily. Gamers will get access to four server services.

Lifeboat is a massive collection of online Minecraft servers customized by PC players. Cubecraft is stuffed with mini games built in Minecraft, like Paintball and Barn Brawl. Everyone can voice chat with their friends using the InPVP server, and MinePlex offers player MicroBattles.

Mojang will add to this list over time, and parents can block which servers their kids have access to through the new server browser.

Minecraft Realms will continue to let users create their own worlds on Mojang’s servers and share them with friends.



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