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Call of Duty: WWII Prestige: 7 Things to Know



This is what happens when you prestige in Call of Duty: WWII and why you might want to Prestige even if you don’t think you will go through multiple prestige levels. When you reach level 55 in Call of Duty: WWII, you get the option to Prestige, which gives you special emblems, bonuses and lets you into a special area in Headquarters.

Here’s what Call of Duty: WWII prestige is, how you can earn it, how to prestige faster and what you need to know about Call of Duty: WWII weapon prestige.

With the Call of Duty: WWII Double XP bonus and free 2XP options it won’t take you long to progress through the levels and hit 55 in the WWII. We have some Call of Duty: WWII tips to help you prestige faster.

How to Earn Call of Duty: WWII Prestige

What you need to know Call of Duty: WWII Prestige. Credit: Prestige Is Key.

What you need to know Call of Duty: WWII Prestige. Credit: Prestige Is Key.

You need to level up to Call of Duty: WWII level 55 and then complete that level to prestige. When you prestige your rank resets back to 1 and you need to unlock all of your guns except those you have with a permanent unlock. You do not lose progress towards your challenges or Orders.

You don’t automatically prestige when you reach the level. You can choose if you want to prestige or if you want to keep all of your weapons. If you prestige, you will unlock additional challenges to complete and you can level back up and prestige again and again.

How to Prestige in Call of Duty: WWII

If you decide that you want to enter the Call of Duty: WWII prestige, you need to go to the Headquarters. You may have noticed as you explored that there was a place you couldn’t get to in the HQ. A bouncer stopped you from entering, and will stop you until you reach level 55 and are ready to prestige.

Once you are ready, you can go to that spot and then you will need to talk to the General. Once you start talking to him, you can still back out if you change your mind. You will need to press a button to prestige.

What Do You Get When you Prestige?

When you decide to enter the Call of Duty: WWII prestige, you get a prestige unlock token that you can use to permanently unlock something for your loadouts. You also get a new custom class slot so you can add one more load out. You gain access to Prestige rewards and to a special set of challenges. You also get a calling card and a Prestige Emblem.

You can use the unlock token to keep access to one of your weapons so that you are able to keep your favorite gun on hand, allowing you to level up faster to your second prestige.

What Resets When You Prestige in Call of Duty: WWII

When you choose to prestige in Call of Duty: WWII your rank resets to level 1. You lose access to all weapons that you haven’t permanently unlocked. Once you unlock the weapons, you will have access to your weapon progress and attachments.

What You Keep After Prestige

The good news is that you keep a lot of your stuff when you Prestige in Call of Duty: WWII. Yes, you need to work your way back up, but you do keep all of the following items without using any kind of permanent unlock.

  • Weapon Levels
  • Division Levels
  • Challenge Progress
  • Customizations

This is good news for gamers who want the benefits of Prestiging, but don’t want to lose their access to what they’ve done towards Division goals and weapon prestige.

Call of Duty: WWII Weapon Prestige

You can Prestige your Call of Duty: WWII weapons to unlock some new options. You will see a prompt when you have a weapon at the highest level. Once you prestige, you can put a kill counter on the gun, or you can put a Clan tag on your weapon.

Once you prestige at the Gunsmith, your weapon levels will reset all attachment access. You will need to level up your weapon to re-gain access to those attachments.

On the weapon screen you can choose which option you want to use. You get the Clan tag with Prestige 1, and the Kill Counter with Prestige 2.

Call of Duty: WWII Prestige Emblems

There are currently 10 Call of Duty: WWII prestige levels and then a Prestige Master. You have to level up through all of them and as you do, you get special Call of Duty: WWII emblems that you can use to showcase your progress.

Call of Duty: WWII Season Pass: 4 Reasons to Buy & 2 to Wait

Buy if Call of Duty: WWII is Still Your Go to Game

Is Call of Duty: WWII your game? If you are sticking with Call of Duty while half the population jumps to Fortnite Battle Royale and PUBG, this is a good investment. 

This is still the go to boots on the ground version of Call of Duty, and even with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on the way it makes sense to buy the Season Pass if you will play Call of Duty: WWII for most of 2018 and into 2019. 

If you think you will buy all of the maps because you loved the first 8 months of Call of Duty: WWII or because you like the direction the game is going with each update, you should buy the Season Pass. 

For gamers who are planning to play Call of Duty: WWII for a year, it doesn't make sense to wait and buy the DLC separately or even to skip one or two of them since that will limit the matchmaking as you get split into a smaller and smaller pool. 

You save $10 over buying the DLC individually, you get a bonus and you may still need to wait a long time for a deal. 

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