10 Common OnePlus 5T Problems & How to Fix Them

The OnePlus 5T is a great phone with plenty to like, but it’s not perfect. Now that the phone has been available for a little while we’re starting to see more and more complaints about OnePlus 5T problems. With that in mind, below is a list of common OnePlus 5T problems and how to quickly fix them. Including what changed in the latest big software update.

Since first becoming available, the company has released multiple quick software updates to fix problems. Not all of them have solutions though and remain an issue for users. That’s what we’ll focus on below.

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It’s still a worthy replacement for the OnePlus 3T or even the 5, but just know that some issues will need attention. We’ll walk you through some of the biggest complaints, and offer fixes or resources to address them.

The OnePlus 5T is by far the companies best smartphone yet. They fixed some of the camera issues, screen scrolling jelly effects, and introduced a sleek and powerful phone. However, nothing is perfect. So far we’re seeing a lot of complaints at the official OnePlus forum, and popular sites like XDA Developers. Everything from GPS issues, WiFi drops, camera complaints, misbehaving apps, Bluetooth fails, and poor battery life.

In December the company released a major update, and we’re expecting the OnePlus Android 8.0 Oreo release sometime in January or February. For now, these are some of the problems you might face, and how to deal with them.

How to Fix OnePlus 5T WiFi Problems

Something we see with every smartphone release is complaints about WiFi. From poor connectivity, drops, to even 5GHz not working right. Most of the WiFi issues from the OP5 are gone, but the new 5T has a few of its own.

Before we begin, make sure to head to settings > about phone > and check for updates and install any new software. OnePlus released multiple OxygenOS updates with quick fixes, and a few of them specifically mention WiFi. Make sure you have the latest software.

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If you’re still having WiFi problems we have a few suggestions. For one, try turning it off and back on inside settings on the phone. It’s also a good idea to power down your WiFi router at home for a few minutes and turn it back on. Another option is to head to Settings > WiFi and forget your wireless network. Then search again and reconnect, put in the password, and try it again. This completely resets the connection between your phone and WiFi and hopefully fixes your problem.

 How to Fix OnePlus 5T Camera Problems

We’re seeing a lot of complaints about the OnePlus 5T camera. From photo quality, video recording, and the overall user experience inside the app. Then, the camera doesn’t play nice with a lot of apps, like Snapchat.

For starters, make sure you received the December 7th update for the OnePlus 5T. It has major camera improvements. This should also address the complaints about HDR mode and other small issues.

However, if you’re still having problems with the OnePlus 5T camera there are a few steps to take. For one, restart your phone. If it’s Snapchat, restart the app. If you still struggle with Snapchat try Settings > Application Manager or Apps > Snapchat > Clear Cached Data  + Force Stop. This wipes out all the settings and might improve Snapchat.

If all else fails and the latest update didn’t fix your camera try turning off HDR mode. We’re expecting other improvements with each update and a vastly improved camera experience on Android 8.0 Oreo. For now, you’re stuck waiting for an update from the company.

How to Fix OnePlus 5T Face Unlock Problems

The iPhone X has a neat little Face Unlock feature, but it’s nothing compared to the speed of the OnePlus 5T Face Unlock. It’s amazing how great it works when it does work. If you’re having problems, you aren’t alone.

For starters, the latest Oxygen OS 4.7.4 from December fixed the inconsistency issues with Face Unlock. Where it works great at first, but then starts to fail after a few days. Make sure you’re on the latest software.

If you’ve already updated to the new software and Face Unlock is still giving you trouble we have one other suggestion. Simple delete your registered face and redo the recognition process. Take it slow, and make sure you complete the scan in a room with a lot of light. This gives it the best recognition possible and will help the phone register your face in less than ideal situations.

How to Fix OnePlus 5T Bluetooth Problems

WiFi isn’t the only one, as we hear complaints about Bluetooth with every new phone too. With a vast array of devices trying to connect issues are bound to surface. One user claims to have problems with WiFi, Bluetooth, and overall 4G LTE connectivity.

The biggest complaint is Bluetooth in cars, where the phone simply won’t connect. Some suggest restarting the phone and trying again, and others suggest it took more than one restart before the phone and car Bluetooth paired up. Bluetooth is always a little tricky, so try to forget all pairings and start over with any process.

We are hearing music doesn’t always play over Bluetooth. If so, stay tuned for a software fix in the near future. There was no mention of BT in the latest December update.

OnePlus 5T Apps Aren’t Fullscreen

Another problem that everyone will likely face is apps that aren’t fullscreen. The OnePlus 5T has a new 18:9 aspect ratio long and skinny screen. It looks great, but some apps have black bars at the top and bottom. Similar to Widescreen movies a few years ago.

Other companies like Samsung added an option to control the aspect ratio and fullscreen mode for individual apps. We don’t have that option on the Oneplus 5T. So, for example, YouTube doesn’t show videos in full-screen mode.

As a quick tip, YouTube supports this for any device regardless of your settings. Pinch and zoom while playing a video on YouTube, and it will stretch to use the entire OP5T screen. Enjoy.

Oh, and another silly problem is the OP5T can’t stream Netflix in HD. In fact, you can’t stream video from any app in HD because of some silly DRM content issue. Here’s more information, but a fix is coming in early January.

How to Fix OnePlus 5T Fingerprint Scanner Problems

Another popular issue we see complaints about is the fingerprint scanner. Most report it’s incredibly fast, but some are having issues. These are typically the device not recognizing a finger, or getting false readings while in a pocket. Even with the new location on the back, most don’t have any issues with the fingerprint sensor.

However, if you keep getting false readings in a pocket there’s a setting for that. There is an option in settings that will prevent the phone from turning on in a pocket and vibrating from the scanner trying to get a reading. Try that to prevent battery drain or pocket dialing.

Our best advice for the fingerprint scanner is to delete any saved prints and start over. This is especially true for anyone using a case. That’s because a case will change the angle of the scan and may impact performance. Add fingerprints after installing any accessories.

How to Fix OnePlus 5T Audio Problems

We’re seeing a lot of complaints about audio on the OnePlus 5T too. From the speakers, in phone calls, to while playing games and such. Honestly, we’re not sure why, because it all works fine here. Of course, everyone uses their phone differently. Our only real advice for audio problems is to ensure you’re on the latest software, or RMA the device and get a replacement from OnePlus if it’s that bad.

The latest December OxygenOS 4.7.4 update on December 7th made multiple changes to the camera, audio, Bluetooth and everything mentioned above. If you’re still having issues with sound after that, our only suggestion is to wait for another update. We’re expecting Android 8.0 and lots of bug fixes in January or February of 2018.

How to Fix OnePlus 5T Group Text Message Problems

Oddly enough, countless users on the official forum are having problems sending and receiving text or picture (MMS) messages with the OnePlus 5T. This is a silly problem, but a problem nonetheless.

The pre-installed text message application used by OnePlus does not support group messages or MMS. So all you need to do is download one of the many excellent 3rd party text message applications from the Google Play Store. We recommend Textra, as it has tons of options and custom colors for the notification LED.

Don’t expect an update to fix this anytime soon.

How to Fix OnePlus 5T Battery Life Problems

With every phone released users complain about battery life. You’re using the phone more than you normally would, testing features, installing apps, give it a few days to balance out. This is our first recommendation. However, if you are noticing actual battery life problems, something might be wrong.

This could be due to a lot of things but is likely an app that isn’t working right with Android 7.1 Nougat. We recommend customizing location settings, turning the screen brightness down to around 40% or automatic, and closing big apps you no longer need.

However, the best route is to head into settings and make sure an app isn’t draining your juice. Head to Settings > Battery and see what’s at the top of the list. Typically Android system, Android OS, or the screen is at the top. If there’s an app at the top, something isn’t right. Uninstall it, disable the app, or tap on it and hit “Force Close” to kill an app that’s draining the battery.

We also recommend setting up Battery Saver modes when you’re in a pinch and need extra juice.

General OnePlus 5T Bugs & Problems

Of course, some users may have other small problems here and there. It doesn’t matter what you’re dealing with, the first step is always to try a reboot. Whether that’s screen glitches or rotation, lag, app crashes, or other minor things, try a reboot. Actually, most problems I get asked about daily are often solved by turning the phone off and back on.

Owners can easily reboot the phone by long-pressing the power button, and hit “restart”. It will quickly turn off and restart back to how it was before the problems. You shouldn’t need to do this often.

This is by far the best solution to any minor issue. If the phone is completely unresponsive push and hold the power button, and hold down for 10 seconds. The phone will reboot into a safe recovery mode. We recommend clearing the cache while in here, then use volume keys to navigate to reboot. Press the power button to select reboot and it will start fresh. Make sure you don’t accidentally do a factory reset, as this will erase everything on your phone.

For now, if you’re experiencing any other crazy problems we recommend reporting it at the OnePlus forum, and wait for the update to Android 8.0 Oreo in the near future. It will have a slew of improvements, new features, and bug fixes.

How to Factory Reset the OnePlus 5T

If you are experiencing major problems or can’t find a solution to something, try a factory data reset. You can do this a few different ways, and here’s the easiest method.

Head to Settings by pulling down the notification bar and hitting the gear-shaped icon near the top. In settings scroll down to Backup & reset and then tap Factory Data Reset. The phone will reboot a few times, erase everything, and boot up fresh and ready to go. Again, a factory data reset erases everything from your phone. Back up anything important before you proceed.

What’s Next for the OnePlus 5T?

So what’s next for you and your phone? Well, because OnePlus is a small company they’re extremely fast when it comes to software updates. The OnePlus 5T has received lots of them since being released, and we’re expecting at least one more before 2017 comes to a close.

However, in early 2018 we’re expecting a major update to Android 8.0 Oreo or even Android 8.1 Oreo. This will improve performance, battery life, and introduce a slew of new features. Here’s what we know about OnePlus Oreo progress. Then, check the link below to know what’s new when the software does arrive.

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In the meantime, stay tuned to the official OnePlus forums for more information. Users post helpful advice all the time, and software updates get announced there too.

The OnePlus 5T is still a fairly new phone. The company is working hard to fix any small issues owners might face while delivering the latest Android software at the same time. We’ll continuously update this post with more information as it becomes available. Are you having problems we didn’t mention? If so, drop us a question in the comment section below.


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    Oneplus 5t Is very bad phone I had purchased before 2 months . and now it’s hanging alot because I’m a daily rapid user for any smartphone. If you are normal user then you can buy this .if you are high user I suggest to buy Google pixel 2xl and have great experience..

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  2. Karim Lyazidi

    02/21/2018 at 3:58 pm

    Please Help :
    i have an issue with Chromecast on One Plus 5 T …it disconnects and the delay between what’s happening on my display and tv is huge before it crash… This happens even after Android Oreo update .(it works perfectly with my old HTC10)


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