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10 Cool Things the Galaxy S20 Can Do



Go Faster with 2 Types of 5G Connectivity

Go Faster with 2 Types of 5G Connectivity

Remember how big the jump from 3G to 4G LTE was back in the day? Well, that is happening again with 5G. And if you don't remember, just know that everything you do on your phone is about to get WAY faster. 

When it comes to streaming YouTube, Netflix, playing Fortnite and everything else we do on our phones, high-speed internet is important. 5G speeds should empower things like AR, VR, streaming video games with Google Stadia, download entire Netflix seasons to watch offline -- almost instantly. It's way faster than 4G speeds. 

On the Galaxy S20 Samsung actually added two different types of 5G, ensuring the best experience no matter where you are or what carrier you use. Both the bigger S20+ and S20 Ultra support Sub6 5G (slightly better speeds, like T-Mobile) and millimeter-wave (super-fast) like what Verizon is trying to rollout all around the globe. 

This means you get the best of both worlds. Plus, when T-Mobile finishes the Sub6 rollout and starts adding more MmWave, your Galaxy S20+ will already have the capability. Keep in mind the cheaper regular small Galaxy S20 only has Sub6 and not the faster speed. Just in case that matters to you. 

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