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10 Cool Things the Galaxy S20 Can Do



Turn Your Phone into a Computer with DeX

Turn Your Phone into a Computer with DeX

Samsung recently started to offer something known as DeX. This stands for Desktop Expansion, and with a dock you can transform your phone into the brain of a computer. Basically, giving you a full desktop experience from a Samsung Galaxy. 

However, the new Galaxy S20 turbo-charges Dex into something even better. You no longer need a dock or a pad to transform your phone into a computer. Now, it works wirelessly, or over USB Type-C, making this as simple as plugging in your phone to a PC or even just a monitor. 

You'll still want to buy a pad or an adapter to add a BlueTooth keyboard or mouse, but you can control the monitor with the Galaxy S20 screen if you want. 

Basically, turn your Galaxy S20 into a full computer experience and do even more your phone and with Dex. This is perfect for business professionals. So, get 1TB of space and make your phone your primary device and stop carrying a bulky laptop.

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