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10 Cool Things the Galaxy S20 Can Do



Tons of Storage (Up to 1.5TB of space)

Tons of Storage (Up to 1.5TB of space)

If you're tired of Apple only offering 64GB in smartphones or making you pay a ton of money for the 128GB model, consider the Galaxy S20. If you need more storage than 128GB, consider the Galaxy S20. 

If you need over 1,000 GB of space, 1TB, consider the Galaxy S20. 

You can actually get a model capable of 1,512GB of space, or 1.5TB of internal storage. Samsung offers all three Galaxy S20 models in 128 or 256GB storage options, and there are even select models with 512GB of internal storage. Then, you can add a microSD card and easily add another 128,256, 512, or even 1TB with a 1TB microSD card. 

So, buy the 512GB model and a 1TB microSD card and you'll have over 1.5TB of storage space in your pocket. 

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