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Destiny 2 Servers Down for Destiny 2 Update & Forsaken



The Destiny 2 Servers are going offline at 7 AM Pacific, 10 AM Eastern to prepare the system for the Destiny 2 Forsaken release date and to prep for the Destiny update. This downtime is expected to last three hours, but we’ve seen the system stay offline for longer in the past if Bungie runs into any problems with the upgrade during downtime.

While the Destiny 2 servers are down you are able to download the Destiny 2 update on your console so that you can start playing as soon as the system comes back online. This is a hotfix update that will fix some of the known Destiny 2 2.0.0 update problems.  We don’t know which of these issues are fixed just yet, but you should see a changelog soon. This should be a small update.

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Starting at 7 AM Pacific, 10 AM Eastern new players will not be able to login to the Destiny servers. At this time the companion apps and web features will be disabled as the update preparation starts.

At 7:30 AM Pacific players who are still logged in and playing will be logged out to the title screen. The update will commence on the Destiny 2 servers, and you can follow BungieHelp on Twitter for updates about the progress.

At 10 AM Pacific, 1 PM Eastern the Destiny 2 servers should go back online and gamers will be able to use companion apps and the web. This is the official Destiny 2 Forsaken release time, so you should be able to start playing the new Destiny 2 expansion then.

The Destiny 2 servers go down for planned downtime at 7 AM Pacific on September 4th.

The Destiny 2 servers go down for planned downtime at 7 AM Pacific on September 4th.

There is a chance that the Forsaken release time is not going to start right at 10 AM Pacific. If there are any issues preventing the update on the servers from completing it could keep gamers offline for longer periods. This was a massive issue in 2016, In late August the Destiny server maintenance started with no expected downtime, and then was updated to 2 hours of downtime, before seeing an additional 3 hours of downtime. There are also occasionally other Destiny 2 problems with servers and getting online.

If you have issues with Forsaken or getting online after the Destiny Server downtime, you should seek help on the Bungie forums.

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