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10 Best 2017 Nintendo Switch Games Coming



Super Mario Odyssey

We know that Super Mario Odyssey takes cues from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. It's a 3D world filled with things to do, obstacles to climb and characters to meet from the franchise's other titles. 

In the game, you once again rescue Princess Peach. This time, there are no linear stages. Instead, you must venture around the in-game world to get Peach back at all costs. A trailer shown at the Electronics Entertainment Expo revealed that Mario's unorthodox hat in the game can be used to inhabit other creatures in the game and use their abilities. Nintendo has nicknamed this hat Cappy. In cooperative play mode, a second person can take control of Cappy and possess objects without Mario's help.

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Super Mario Odyssey launches on October 27th for Nintendo Switch.

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1 Comment


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