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10 Best 2017 Nintendo Switch Games Coming



The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Confirmed for this fall, Elder Scrolls Skyrim V brings some more role-playing game action to the Nintendo Switch. This is another example of Nintendo Switch's catalog growing by picking up games that are available elsewhere. The Elder Scrolls Skyrim V is one of the most popular RPG games ever released.

Bethesda, the game's developer only says that Skyrim V is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2017. We don't know if the release includes the downloadable content that's available on other platforms, though it likely will.

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Whether Skyrim mods will make their way to the game is also a mystery. Mods are a huge part of what makes Skyrim V so popular. Gamers use them to add new features and improvements to the title without Bethesda doing any work on its end.

Skyrim will support two of the Nintendo Switch's best features. Amiibo will allow gamers to add new content to the title. That's the same system that Nintendo uses for its collectible Amiibo figures. Second, players can move around the game world using the motion controls in their Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

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