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21 Fallout 76 Mods We Want for PS4 & Xbox One



Alien Assault Rifle

Alien Assault Rifle

The Alien Assault Rifle is, hands down, one of the best Fallout 4 weapon mods available for Xbox One and we hope it, or something like it, becomes available in Fallout 76.

If you haven't used it yet, the Alien Assault Rifle is actually five guns in one. You can use it as a shotgun, assault rifle, SMG, sniper rifle or a powerful beam rifle. All of them are fun to use.

There are also a ton of customization options which allow you to modify the weapon in virtually any way you see fit. 

The gun features five receivers, nine barrels, four ammo types including weaponized Nuka Cola Quantum, 15 sights, three muzzals, and five glow options. There are also 10 plastics and 11 metals which will give the weapon a different look. 

Fingers crossed it makes it into Bethesda's next game. 

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