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21 Fallout 76 Mods We Want for PS4 & Xbox One



Whirligig Sentry

Whirligig Sentry

Whirligig Sentry would be an awesome addition to Fallout 76's C.A.M.P. settlement building system. 

The Whirligig in Whirligig Sentry stands for Wireless High-Reliability Independent Government-Issue Gunship. It's a fancy name for mini-Vertibird sentry.

The Whirligig Sentry come with four fire modes (Minigun, Gatling Laser, Gauss Cannon, Prototype Disruptor), upgraded models that come with improved damage, and amazing mobility.

This miniature weapon of destruction flies around and attacks anyone that gets close to your various settlements which is perfect for a survival game like Fallout 76. 

They're useful, but they're not unstoppable. Whirligig Sentry's can be damaged and destroyed by your enemies. The same goes for their helipad which is their base of operations. 

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