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Forza 7: 6 Reasons to Buy



New Forza 7 Campaign

New Forza 7 Campaign

The new Forza 7 campaign is a major reason to buy Forza 7. Turn 10 has totally revamped it.

This year’s campaign is all about the Forza Driver’s Cup. You must earn less important trophies on your way to claiming that cup and finishing the game’s campaign experience. As you race around the game’s 30 tracks in the career mode, weather changes how your car handles.

Despite revamping the campaign, Turn 10 is keeping the Drivatar system that it used in previous games. Drivatar analyzes everyone’s driving techniques. Armed with that information, the game’s servers build an online version of you that drives in other people’s races when you aren’t online. Your friends’ Drivatars will race in your events too.



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