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Forza 7: 6 Reasons to Buy



New Racer & Customization

New Racer & Customization

You can choose to race a small collection of Forza 7’s cars as they are, or change them to better suit your tastes. Wide body kits are in the game. Also, Turn 10 has kept the body kit options that were in Forza Horizon 3. We only know of two cars that you can customize with these new kits so far: the Nissan 14 and the Nissan 240SX SE.

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The game’s new racing wheels let you customize your car’s interior. Forza titles have allowed users to customize paint jobs and license plates for years now and those features are in this new game.

No Forza game has ever offered character customization before. That’s why it's such an important reason to buy Forza 7.

The game comes loaded with character gear, and you decide which of this gear your driver wears on the track. We only know that this collection of hats, jackets and eyewear includes items from popular racing culture. Some character gear comes with Forza 7 pre-orders as a bonus.



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