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Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy S8: What We Know Right Now



Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy S8: Cameras

Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy S8: Cameras

We mentioned this briefly in our last slide, but we need to talk about the camera on the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung is known for having one of the best cameras, and this year it will deliver two of them. 

In fact, it might be its best camera to date. That's because rumors and signs all point toward Samsung using at least two cameras on the back. Following the footsteps of LG, Apple, OnePlus and others, the Galaxy Note 8 should have a dual camera system. 

Reports suggest the company will employ two 12 DualPixel cameras (horizontally as shown in our image) and add some neat new features. One will have an optical zoom, similar to the iPhone 7 Plus, but that's just a rumor. A rumor that claims a 3x zoom that one-ups Apple. Samsung could use it for wide-angle shots similar to the LG G6, we'll have to wait and see.  

This will offer more features and improved photos over the Galaxy S8, which has a single 12 Dual Pixel camera that takes great photos. It's one of the best, the Note 8 should just offer a little extra. 

One leak believes Samsung will pack three cameras in there, or one of those two will be a 21-Megpaixel lens for augmented reality. That's only a rumor, so we'll wait for more information. Just know that we expect the Note 8 to deliver the best camera experience from Samsung to date.



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