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Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy S8: What We Know Right Now



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Note 8 vs Galaxy S8: Price & Release Date

Note 8 vs Galaxy S8: Price & Release Date

And finally, we're to the price and release date. Two very important aspects of this decision for anyone. The Galaxy S8 is available today around the globe. If you're not sold on the Note 8, go buy the Galaxy S8. 


The Galaxy Note 8 release date is a mystery though. The last two Note's arrived in August but we're hearing this year Samsung will delay the release date until late September. To make matters worse, it might not get announced until September. Far later than the August unveiling the last two years. 


Still, it's less than three months away, but Samsung is likely being cautious after the Note 7 battery recall and fires. 


Another potential problem for buyers is the price. The Note 8 could end up the most expensive Samsung phone ever released.  The Galaxy S8 is $750 depending on what carrier you buy it from, which is around $200+ cheaper than Note 8 rumors. 


Add in the bigger screen, second camera, S-Pen stylus and other updates, and the price could reach $1,000. A number that we've heard from Evan Blass just a few weeks ago. Realistically, expect a price of $949 or $979. 


So, if you can't afford to spend $950-$1,000 on the new Galaxy Note 8 or don't want to wait, buy the Galaxy S8 now. There are still a few mysteries about this phone so stay tuned for more details. 

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