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Galaxy S10+ vs Galaxy S9+: What’s the Difference?



Galaxy S10+ vs Galaxy S9+: Design & Styling

Samsung's Galaxy S9 didn't sell very well, mainly because it wasn't much of an upgrade over the previous model. And while the design of the Galaxy S10 and S10+ isn't a huge departure from earlier years, it's more than enough to make it an extremely exciting phone worth buying. 

These are Samsung phones, so the overall design language (and style) didn't change too much, but it didn't need to. They did, however, change some important areas like the screen, thickness, weight, and battery size. 

You'll still get a premium all metal and glass design, with glass covering the front and the back -- just like the Galaxy S9+. Only the new Galaxy S10+ will have a bigger screen, no rear fingerprint scanner, and three cameras on the back, instead of just one. Yes, three!

Galaxy Phone Thickness

As you can see, the new Galaxy S10 series is significantly thinner than the previous generation. 14% thinner, to be exact. That alone is exciting. 

Samsung managed to make the screen bigger, put the camera and fingerprint scanners INSIDE that screen, add triple cameras to the back, pack a much much bigger battery in the phone -- and make it thinner all at the same time. Interested yet?

Get yours on March 8th. 

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