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Galaxy S7 Release: 5 Things Rumors Suggest



The impressive Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are still relatively new, but these days something better is always around the corner. And while both devices have only been available for roughly six months, multiple reports and rumors have already started to emerge about the Galaxy S7. More than a few details have surfaced already, and here we’ll detail what those rumors are claiming.

In February Samsung announced the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge a month earlier than anyone expected, and it was released in early April, giving Samsung a clear lead on some of the competition. The same faster approach happened with the Galaxy Note 5, and now we’re hearing Samsung looks to fast track the release of its next phone, the Galaxy S7.

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With the Galaxy Note 5 here and Samsung busy working on its next major release, rumor mills have already started to turn. Earlier this week we received some very early details regarding the specs, and now a potential release date has been revealed. Read on for everything we know based on some very early rumors.


Being only September any report or rumor regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7 needs to be taken with a grain of salt, at least for now, but we’re hearing a few things that make sense given recent releases, technology available at Samsung’s disposal, and other factors.

Earlier this month we learned that Samsung is working on a new smartphone called Project Lucky, and since seven is often considered a lucky number, everyone has automatically assumed this is lucky # Galaxy S7. Not to mention a few insider sources have shared details with SamMobile regarding this new smartphone.

We know the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be a powerful flagship smartphone, aimed at taking down the iPhone 6s and fighting any competition that arrives in 2016, but what can buyers actually expect? We’re not sure yet, but below is a slideshow sharing everything we know so far as far as rumors are concerned. Of course, things are always subject to changes, especially this early in the development stage.

Galaxy S7 Release Date

Galaxy S7 Release Date

First things first, is the release date. This is the latest rumor, one that is also the most important. We know Samsung is trying to release smartphones at a faster pace to stay ahead of the competition, and they'll look to continue that and be more aggressive with the Galaxy S7. The Note 5 was announced and released in August, and all prior Note devices were announced in September and released in October. This is a clear sign that they're moving faster, and the Galaxy S7 will be here sooner than anyone probably expected.

According to a brand new report from SamMobile, the new Galaxy S7 will reportedly be announced in late January, and released in February of 2016. This is more than two months earlier than the S6, and much earlier than the Galaxy S5 from 2014.

Their sources state an early February release date which will give Samsung a huge lead on the competition, like the LG G4, anything from HTC, and other smartphone makers. Again, we saw this with the Note 5, and we're hearing Samsung looks to be even faster with the Galaxy S7. Releasing the phone during all the hype, not after, while all the attention is at a high point. We'll have to wait and see.

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