Galaxy S9+ vs Galaxy Note 8: What We Know So Far

The Samsung Galaxy S9 release date is only a few weeks away and that means buyers have a tough choice to make. Buy the impressive Galaxy Note 8 now, or wait for Samsung’s next phone. For those debating it, here’s what we know about the Galaxy S9+ and how it compares to the Galaxy Note 8.

Countless leaks and rumors suggest the new Galaxy S9 and bigger S9+ will look just like Samsung’s phones from 2017. And while the design will be similar, they’ll still have important changes throughout. Most notably, a powerful dual camera system on the bigger Galaxy S9+.

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Yes, we’re expecting the same 5.8 and 6.2-inch curved Quad HD screens as we received last year. However, Samsung is making changes to the camera, fingerprint sensor, face unlock features and a few other things. Changes that make the Galaxy S9 and S9+ worth waiting for.

Is this the Galaxy S9+?

Last year Samsung released the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+, then an even bigger Galaxy Note 8. They all have big curved screens with small bezels, a sleek design, powerful cameras, and basically the same features throughout. One big difference is the Galaxy Note 8 has two cameras on the back, not just one.

However, we’re hearing the new Galaxy S9+ will get a similar dual camera setup. That said, only the bigger 6.2-inch S9+ will get them, while the smaller regular Galaxy S9 only has a single camera. Meaning potential buyers are getting more than just a bigger screen in 2018.

What this means though, is the decision between the Note 8 and S9+ is even more difficult. That’s because they’ll both have big screens, fast performance, and great cameras. There are a few reasons to choose one and even more reasons to choose the other. For those trying to decide, we’re here to help.

And while we don’t know everything quite yet, all signs are pointing to small but meaningful changes with the Galaxy S9 series. So, if you’re coming from a Galaxy S6 or S7 and debating which new Galaxy to buy, read through our slideshow below to help you decide.

Galaxy S9+ vs Galaxy Note 8: Design & Display

Galaxy S9+ vs Galaxy Note 8: Design & Display

First things first, we need to talk about the design. That's because these new phones coming in a few weeks will look nearly identical to the Galaxy S8 from last year. Well, at least from the front. 

There will, however, be two very noticeable differences on the back of the phones. Samsung finally moved the fingerprint scanner to the middle of the phone, under the camera. Instead of placing it off to the side, which was out of place and a far stretch. Then, the Galaxy S9+ will have two cameras on the back, instead of just one. 

The Galaxy Note 8 is a big phone, and reaching that fingerprint scanner isn't very easy. With the new Galaxy S9+ it will be a lot closer, in the middle, under the cameras, and easy to reach. 

Here's what you need to know though. The Galaxy Note 8 has the biggest screen, coming in at 6.3-inches. And while that's nice, the Galaxy S9+ is still 6.2-inches, so you'll barely notice the difference. Only you're getting a newer phone.

Additionally, the black bezels around the screen (on the top and bottom) will be slightly smaller on the Galaxy S9+ too. Meaning the phone will be physically smaller all while having almost the exact same size screen. That aside, both of these phones have huge screens, water-resistance, wireless charging, 3.5mm headphone jacks, expandable storage, and dual cameras. 

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