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How to Add Friends on Nintendo Switch



There are tons of different ways to game with other Nintendo Switch owners. You just have to figure out how to add friends on Nintendo Switch first.

Nintendo has always played in its own sandbox. The Nintendo Switch is no different. Born out of the company’s expertise in mobile gaming and need to differentiate from the Xbox One and PS4, the Nintendo Switch is a living room gaming console that doubles as a mobile gaming console. Lots of things change between the different modes, including how Nintendo Switch games look. One thing that doesn’t change is how social the console allows you to be.

Add friends to Nintendo Switch with this handy tutorial.

Adding friends on Nintendo Switch isn’t as obvious as it is on other consoles. To add friends on Nintendo Switch, you need information that only your friend can provide. You also need a Nintendo Switch that is configured with the right stuff. Other requirements include an internet connection and a free Nintendo Account.

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Here’s how to add friends on Nintendo Switch. You’ll be able to track the gaming habits of your friends in no time at all.

How to Add Friends on Nintendo Switch: Before We Begin

Before we begin, there are some things that you’ll need. You won’t be able to add friends on Nintendo Switch without them.

You’ll need an internet connection to begin with. If you haven’t connected your Nintendo Switch to a wireless network before, it’s time to do so. This is done from the System Settings area. You may be prompted to update the Nintendo Switch 2.0 software that the company made available to users worldwide on March 3rd. You’ll need that too; it’s the software update that adds limited online capabilities. You can learn more about the setup and update process in How to Set Up Nintendo Switch.

Next on your list is a Nintendo Account. Only with a Nintendo Account can you use the console’s social features. It’s also required for buying digital games through the Nintendo eShop. This isn’t to be confused with Nintendo ID. You can use a Nintendo ID to create and log into a Nintendo Account though. Facebook, Gmail and Twitter login is also possible. Use a notebook or tablet to create a Nintendo Account at Add Nintendo Accounts to your console from the System Settings. The option is under Users.

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There’s no way to search for every Nintendo Account that’s been created, like there is on Microsoft’s Xbox One. Instead, you’ll need the Friend Code of the person you’re trying to find. Friend Codes consist of 12 digits, and are available from the Profile Page. Your friend can find the Profile page by tapping or selecting the circular icon in the top-right corner of the Home area on their Switch. They must have also setup and linked a Nintendo Account.

How to Add Friends on Nintendo Switch: Let’s Get Started

With your Nintendo Account fully setup and internet connection ready, let’s add friends on Nintendo Switch.

Start by pressing the Home button on the right Joy-Con to take you back to the Home area. Note that you may need to press the button three times. You’ll always need to press a button three times when your device is waking from sleep.

Tap the circular icon in the top-left corner of the Nintendo Switch home screen. When you’re online, this circle has a number above it showing you how many of your friends are online too.

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This area always opens to the Profile Page by default. You’ll find your own information here. You’ll also find your Friend Code. Text, message or email your Friend Code to anyone with a Switch and they can add you.

Tap or select Add Friend from the menu on the left side of your screen. It’s the third option from the top of the menu.

From this area you can add your friends. Thankfully, there are a few different ways to do that.

If you sent your Friend Code to someone and they’ve approved it, Received Friend Requests is the option you want to choose. You’ll find all recent requests there. Remember that people won’t be able to find you unless you sent your Friend Code to them.

Search for Local Users allows you to add other gamers that are physically around you. Those users need a Nintendo Switch of their own for this to work.

Search with Friend Code is for adding someone that’s emailed, messaged or texted their Friend Code to you already. Right now, the easiest way to get the Friend Codes of others is to post a message on Twitter or Facebook from your smartphone.

You can keep track of all the people you’ve invited to be your friend that haven’t accepted just yet from Sent Friend Code.

Good luck trying to add friends on Nintendo Switch. It’s a little cumbersome now, but Nintendo says it has plans to fix that. It will introduce a robust gaming service and revamp its social networking system sometime in 2017. Remember, Nintendo Switch multiplayer is free until this fall.

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