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The Crew Beta Details

The Crew Beta Details

The Crew is an open world racer MMO, that has multiplayer racing gamers excited. You can play in LA, New York and all through major cities in the U.S. and a bunch of smaller cities along the way. If you want to you should be able to drive from NY to LA.

It's not a Forza and it's not a Need for Speed, which is something that appeals to a different set of gamers. Watch the video below to get a better idea about The Crew which comes to PS4 and Xbox One in November.

When is The Crew Beta & How do I Join?

The Crew beta starts on July 23rd for the Xbox One and the PS4. You can register with Ubisoft to get a spot. It is not clear how they are choosing and buying the game doesn't appear to have any effect on the process.

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