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How to Reboot a Frozen Galaxy S10



This simple guide explains how to reset or reboot a frozen Galaxy S10. If your phone is acting funny, frozen, won’t turn on, or is completely unresponsive we’re here to help. Just follow our easy steps below instead of calling customer support for help.

This works on the Galaxy S10, S10+ and the Galaxy S10e. These are fancy phones with a premium waterproof design, but that means the back is not removable. You can’t just pull out the battery if your phone is acting up. Instead, use the button press method we’ve detailed below to fix your problem.

How to Reboot/Reset a Frozen Galaxy S10

Did you know a quick reboot will fix almost any small Galaxy S10 problem? It’s a quick easy trick everyone should know. Here are the instructions. As a reminder, this will not erase any data or content on your phone.

“If your device is unresponsive, frozen, or the screen is blank/black, press and hold down the Power button and Volume down key for 10-15 seconds to restart it.”

  1. Press and hold the Power+Volume down buttons for approx. 10-15 seconds until the device powers off and back on.
  2. Release the buttons when your phone vibrates and the Samsung logo appears.
  3. Allow up to 30 seconds for the reboot to complete.

Again, no data will get lost or erased during this process, although any apps or browser windows that were open will close. It’s worth noting that if your phone crashed really hard, or was extremely frozen, it may boot back up to what’s known as maintenance mode or safe mode. Follow the instructions on-screen to navigate with the volume keys to the “reboot” option, then press power to select reboot. Just be careful in this safe mode because if you select the wrong line you could factory data reset your phone and erase everything.

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This works for the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S10e and most Samsung phones released over the last several years. A quick forced reboot usually fixes any small problems you’re dealing with, too. Before you go consider some official Galaxy S10 accessories like a wireless charging pad.

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