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How to Use the Galaxy S8 Blue Light Filter



The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ deliver multiple exciting features for users. Like an Iris Eye scanner, Infinity Display and more. One that many don’t know about is called the blue light filter. Which is essentially a night mode or similar to the iPhone’s Night Shift. Below we’ll go over more details and how to use the Galaxy S8 blue light filter.

Essentially the blue light that comes out of the display can cause eye strain, especially at night. Not to mention studies have shown that it stimulates the brain. As a result it’s harder to fall asleep at night. That’s where Samsung night mode comes in.

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Since the Galaxy S8 is running the latest Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, this is instantly available to owners. It’s customizable, can turn on with a schedule and is very useful. Without further delay, here’s how to use it.

Night modes have been around for a long time on select devices. Recently Apple added it to iOS for the iPhone, and in 2016 Samsung did the same with the Galaxy Note 7. If you’ve yet to try it, this is one of many features we’d highly recommend.

Basically owners can set a schedule for the Blue Light Filter, and you’re all set. It will automatically turn on and off daily for you. Lets get started.

How to Use the Galaxy S8 Blue Light filter

By now most with the Galaxy S8 have probably looked through the settings menu to get familiar with the device. If not, we’d recommend changing these 10 settings first. Then, customize and set up your night mode schedule.


  • Head into Settings from the notification bar or app tray
  • Select Display from the list
  • Tap the 3rd option labeled Blue light filter
  • Click Turn On then adjust the filter levels to your preference

The moment the filter switch is enabled users will instantly notice a huge difference. Blue light is completely removed from the Infinity display, and you’ll see an amber or reddish tint on the screen. Adjusting the slider will add more or less of the filter, for a users specific needs or preference.

All blue lights will be filtered until this is turned off. There’s also an easy access quick setting for the filter in the notification pulldown bar.

Set a Blue Light Filter Schedule

The best route is setting a schedule. This way everything will happen automatically. At night it will turn on and reduce eye strain. Then in the morning revert back to normal. Set it to your sleep patterns and forget it. Here’s how.


  • Make sure you’re still in Display settings
  • Select Blue light filter
  • Choose Turn on as scheduled
  • Select Sunset to sunrise or Custom to set time intervals 
  • Choose your Start and End time

That’s all there is to it. Now each night it will automatically filter out all blue night. Helping relieve eye strain and making it easier to fall asleep at night. Well, according to studies. Whether or not owners use this feature is up to them. Personally I’ve enjoyed it since the Galaxy S7 Edge received Nougat, and continue using it to this day.

It’s also possible this can help improve battery life slightly. As the device isn’t displaying as many colors or getting as bright. Although the impact will be small. While you’re here learn how to customize the on-screen buttons at the bottom of your device, or enable all apps to use the full screen. For more details and how to’s for the Galaxy S8 head to our device portal.

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