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HyperX Amazon Prime Day 2019 Deals Offer up to 50% Off



There are a lot of HyperX Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals that offer up to 50% off essential gaming accessories for PC and console. Sale prices start at $14.99 and savings stack up significantly.

Save big with HyperX Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals.

Save big with HyperX Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals.

You don’t need any special Prime Day coupon codes to save. The HyperX Prime Day deals are on keyboards, headphones, microphones and more. Whether you are looking to start streaming or just up your gaming experience, this is a great set of deals.

Here’s our full look at what you need to know about Amazon Prime Day 2019, how to get Prime for free, how to get $50 in Amazon Prime credit and our tips for shopping Amazon Prime Day 2019.

Check out the table below to see the HyperX Prime Day 2019 deals broken down by category, with a breakout of how much you save.

Category Product Retail Price Prime Day Price Discount
Accessory 104 Pudding Keycap Set $24.99  $17.99 28%
Accessory Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound USB Card $29.99  $19.99 33%
Console ChargePlay Duo $29.99  $14.99 50%
Console ChargePlay Quad $29.99  $14.99 50%
Console Cloud Earbuds $39.99  $29.99 25%
Console Cloud Stinger Core $39.99  $24.99 38%
Console CloudX Stinger Core $39.99  $24.99 38%
Console Cloud Stinger Wireless $99.99  $69.99 30%
Keyboard Alloy FPS RGB $109.99  $79.99 27%
Keyboard Alloy Elite RGB – Blue Switch $139.99  $99.99 29%
Keyboard Alloy Elite RGB – Brown Switch $139.99  $99.99 29%
Keyboard Alloy Elite RGB – Red Switch $139.99  $99.99 29%
Keyboard Alloy Core RGB $49.99  $29.99 40%
Mouse Pulsefire Surge RGB $54.99  $39.99 27%
Mouse Pulsefire FPS Pro $44.99  $29.99 33%
Mouse Pulsefire Core $29.99  $19.99 33%
PC Audio Cloud Flight $159.99  $99.99 38%
PC Audio Cloud – Silver $79.99  $49.99 38%
PC Audio Cloud Revolver – Gun Metal $119.99  $69.99 42%
PC Audio Cloud Stinger $49.99  $39.99 20%
PC Audio QuadCast $139.99  $99.99 29%
PC Audio Cloud Core $69.99  $49.99 29%
PC Audio Cloud II – GM $99.99  $69.99 30%
PC Audio Cloud II – Red $99.99  $69.99 30%

You can find these deals on Amazon starting on Monday during the Prime Day 2019 deals.

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