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iOS 11 Release Date: 10 Things to Watch For



Keep an Eye Out for the iOS 11 GM

Keep an Eye Out for the iOS 11 GM

Once September rolls around you should keep your eyes out for the iOS 11 GM. 

Apple will release the iOS 11 Gold Master (GM) sometime ahead of the official release. There are a few reasons why the release of the iOS 11 GM is important.

The iOS 11 GM will be the final beta and it'll give beta testers a chance to test a near final product ahead of the official release. 

In turn, beta testers will be able to relay feedback about the iOS 11 GM's performance, features, and problems to those of you that aren't testing the iOS 11 beta. 

This feedback will be important because it will help you decide if you should install iOS 11 on your device on release day.

It'll also help you prepare for potential iOS 11 problems. Problems from the GM/beta always carry over into the final release. 



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