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iOS 12 Release Date: 6 Things to Expect & 5 Not To



The iOS 12 release date is getting closer and today we want to take you through a few things you should, and shouldn’t expect from Apple next week.

Apple’s new operating system continues to make progress as we push into September. The company recently released the final iOS 12 beta, also known as the Gold Master (GM) and the company’s also confirmed a release date for all iOS 11-powered iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models.

With the beta making strides and the release date finally official, we’re getting lots of questions about Apple’s plans for iOS 12. Here are a few things we know right now.

  • We know it’s coming for all iOS 11-powered iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models on September 17th
  • We know it’s coming with a wide range of changes including performance enhancements.
  • We know it’ll arrive on board new iPhones and possibly on new iPads as well.
  • We know there will be some features missing at launch.

As we push closer to the iOS 12 release it’s important iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users set proper expectations about the update, its release date, and the download. And that’s our goal here.

In this guide we’ll walk you through what we expect from the iOS 12 release date, the update’s release time, potential issues, and a timeline for Apple’s first major update for iOS 12 (iOS 12.1).

This walkthrough will help average users and those who maybe haven’t followed the iOS 12 beta or past iOS release dates get comfortable ahead of the roll out.

iOS 12 Release Time

iOS 12 Release Time

Apple usually releases new iOS updates in and around 10AM Pacific. Unless it drastically shakes thing up with iOS 12, we expect iOS 12 to arrive around 10AM Pacific on September 17th.

This is important to remember because it means you won't need to check anytime before 10AM Pacific on Monday, September 17th.

If you live outside of the United States, your iOS 12 update could arrive early in the morning or late in the evening. 

iOS software usually hits London, England at 6PM in the evening. If you live in Melbourne, Australia, you'll need to wake up early if you want to install right away. iOS software typically drops there at 3AM in the morning.

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