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Prepare for iOS 12 Problems

Prepare for iOS 12 Problems

Apple's iOS 12 beta will catch numerous bugs and performance issues, but problems will slip through the cracks. And that's precisely why you'll want to be prepared to face whatever iOS 12 decides to throw at you and your device. 

Monitoring feedback from the iOS 12 beta will give you some idea about what to expect, but it's difficult to predict how iOS 12 will perform on your device. While many of you will see a boost to performance, others will run into unforeseen bugs and performance issues. 

Common iOS issues include abnormal battery drain, broken Bluetooth, Wi-Fi issues, app instability, UI lag, and memory problems.

These problems popup after every iOS release and we expect to see them emerge shortly after iOS 12 is released to the general public. 

Make sure you're familiar with known fixes before iOS 12 arrives. We've put together a long list of fixes for common iOS problems. Bookmark them, commit them to memory, whatever you need to do to get yourself ready.

You'll also want to add Apple Support on Twitter and bookmark the Apple Support page on the company's website.

You should also be familiar with Apple's Discussion forums. They'll all be valuable resources if and when you run into trouble on iOS 12.

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