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iOS 12 Release Date Tips & Tricks



Update Your Device

Update Your Device

Apple's released fifteen iOS 11 updates since the release of iOS 11.0 back in September, 2017. It's a mind-boggling number and many people have fallen behind on older versions of the software. 

If you want to avoid a time consuming download and installation process, and more importantly if you want to protect your device from harm, we highly recommend downloading the latest iOS 11 software on your phone ahead of the iOS 12 release date.

If you aren't sure what version of iOS you're currently running, head into your device's Settings and tap on About. Look down to where it says "Version". 

If you aren't running iOS 11.4.1, consider downloading the latest version of iOS 11. This way, you'll avoid an enormous iOS 12 download and your device will be loaded up with the latest features, bug fixes and security patches.

Before you make the move, be sure to read reviews. Installing new software could have unintended consequences.

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