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iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Release Date Teased



This week we’ve seen two potential iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak release dates teased within the next 10 days.

This is what you need to know about a potential iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak release date in June and how it could connect to a iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak release date as well.

We are generally cautious of jailbreak teams that mention a specific date in the future, but it is worth mentioning this new entrant and sharing a cautionary tale.

Here is a quick update on the latest iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak release date rumors as we wait for iOS 9.3.3 to arrive.

Apple just finished rolling out an updated version of iOS 9.3.2 that now works on the iPad Pro and users are still testing a iOS 9.3.3 update.

iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Release Date Rumors

In the past week we’ve heard of two potential iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak release dates, including one that is no longer listed after the person claiming it was coming deleted his post under scrutiny.

What you need to know about a potential iOS 9.3.3 and iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak release date.

What you need to know about a potential iOS 9.3.3 and iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak release date.

Currently the GSMagic team is teasing a June 10 iOS 9.3.2 release date. This tool also reportedly works as a iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak as well, even though that is only on in beta currently.

One of the odd things about this announcement is that the team states that they will simply quit if they cannot achieve this iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak release date target.

Another user on Reddit shared a claim that he was going to deliver a iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak release date by June 11th, but after scrutiny and poor responses the moderators deleted his post and a repost of the topic.

Although that jailbreak release date did not pan out, there is still cautious optimism surrounding the GSMagic jailbreak team.

iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Release Date Teasers

In the YouTube video above we see what could be a iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak, from the GSMagic team. This is helpful, but it is not proof that it works. The team stated that the Twitter account will be silent until the release date arrives.

iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Release Date Issues

The biggest issue with this potential iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak release date is that the team has yet to share information with known jailbreakers validating the jailbreak.

People in the community asked for a copy of the sha 256 hash to validate efforts, but the GSMagic team has yet to share it. This may be a time issue, or it could be that they simply do not have it.

Another potential issue is that we don’t know a iOS 9.3.3 release date for the update for general users. It would not make sense to release the iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak that works on the iOS 9.3.3 beta before the official iOS 9.3.3 update arrives.

As far as responses from known jailbreak players, Saurik has yet to weigh in and other users are receiving odd communications.

The video in the section above is interesting, but it is also something that could be faked. The video below shows how easy it is to make a fake iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak look real.

This is a rundown of the current iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak release date and potential for a iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak release date, but it is very important to consider that this could be a fake.

We’ve seen many of these in the past and it is not a good idea to update your iPhone until an actual jailbreak tool is released and proven successful by known parties.

With an iOS 10 announcement on June 13th and the potential for other iOS 9 updates this month, users should be cautious.

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