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Is the Madden 20 Superstar Edition Worth Buying?



The Madden 20 release date is a week away if you buy the Madden 20 Superstar edition. EA now sells three Madden 20 editions, and this is the $80 version that is the most appealing option for many gamers. It may be tempting to go with the Ultimate Superstar edition, but there are still a lot of people asking, “Is the Madden 20 Superstar Edition worth buying?”

When you spend $20 more on the Madden 20 Superstar edition you get a lot of Madden Ultimate Team items and a few other extras. We’ll break down how this compares to spending $20 on packs or upgrades after you buy Madden 20.

You can save up to $18 on the Madden 20 Superstar edition with the best Madden 20 deals, which drops the price down to about the normal cost of the standard edition. You’ll still pay more than if you used those savings on the base game, but this is a good way to get some upgraded extras.

You can buy the Madden 20 Superstar Edition for $79.99 at GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon, Newegg and digitally through Microsoft and Sony.

Is the Madden 20 Superstar Edition Worth Buying?

Is the Madden 20 Superstar Edition Worth Buying?

The Madden 20 release date is July 30th for the Superstar Edition. This lets you play three days earlier than the base edition. It’s a nice bonus, but not anything we’ll place a dollar value on since it is only three days early. Plus, you can play Madden 20 starting on July 25th with EA Access and Origin Access. Here’s more on how to play Madden 20 early.

Like the top of the line edition, the Madden 20 Superstar Edition is all about the MUT bonus items. If you want to play Madden Ultimate Team, this is an upgrade that makes sense, but if you just play Franchise or casually play, this may not be the best way to spend $20. While this will help you get a jump start since you get all of these items on day one, you need to remember that EA will add in new players and cards over time. Here’s what you get with the Superstar edition;

  • 12 Gold Team Fantasy Packs
  • 1 Unique Superstar Ability
  • 1 Large Training Quick Sell Pack

The overall breakdown of what this means is a little complicated, but we’ll help you figure it out so that you can decide if you want to spend $20 more to get these options.

The video below walks you through what the Madden 20 SuperStar and X-Factor abilities are and how you will be able to use them in the game.

The Superstar ability is a new feature that is a big part of the Face of the Franchise QB1 mode. The abilities are listed below, so you can decide if you want these.

  • Gift-Wrapped: Kurt Warner was the quintessential field general, whose poise and accuracy changed offensive football forever. Passers with Gift-Wrapped have a better chance to complete passes to uncovered receivers.
  • Gunslinger: John Elway built his legend by making impossible throws with one of the strongest arms in NFL history. Passers with Gunslinger have faster passing animations and increased velocity on bullet passes.
  • QB Playmaker: Steve Young’s combination of athleticism and accuracy allowed him to improvise his way out of any bad situation. Passers with QB Playmaker can elicit immediate and precise reactions from any receiver on the field.
  • Gutsy Scrambler: Randall Cunningham’s elite speed, agility, and vision set a new standard for scrambling quarterbacks. Passers with Gutsy Scrambler won’t be adversely affected by pass rush pressure while throwing on the run.

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When it comes to MUT bonus items, you get an array of items. This is what will help you decide if Madden 20 Superstar is worth the extra $20. All of the Madden 20 editions come with 1 Core Elite player from your favorite team. This is a NAT 82 OVR Elite player, so you get a good player that you can’t sell.

The rest of the bonus items are 12 Gold Team Fantasy Packs, Each of these includes at least 2 Gold or Better and 3 Silver or Better players from the team you chose. GameStop charges $19.99 for the Madden NFL 20 Kickoff Ultimate Team Pack that includes 7 Gold Premium Packs. These aren’t a direct comparison since the Gold Premium packs offer at least 4 Silver or better players, but you can start to see how much $20 gets you. The base Madden 20 edition includes 5 Gold Team Fantasy Packs, so this is about the same overall value as spending $20 post-release.

There is also a Small Training Quick Sell Pack that is worth 460 Training.

It’s up to you if you want to spend $20 on the seven extra bonus items through GameStop or as part of this bundle that also includes early access, a Superstar ability, and a training quick sell item. When you look at the value of getting at least 7 more silver or better players, buying the base edition of Madden 20 and then spending $20 on the GameStop bundle looks like a better value.

4 Reasons to Buy Madden 20 Today & 2 Reasons To Wait

Buy if You Love to Grind MUT Challenges

Buy if You Love to Grind MUT Challenges

Do you love to play MUT and grind out those challenges? This is how I tend to play Madden Ultimate Team and after playing Madden 20 for the first time I'm a big fan of the new system that makes rolling through challenges much easier. 

When you complete a challenge in a series, you can roll right into the next challenge. In Madden 19, you had to go out, collect rewards, go back in and it was a lot of loading and a lot of time wasted. With Madden 20, you go right into the next Challenge in a series. 

I also enjoy the new options to choose the difficulty for challenges to earn more stars. This makes it easier to get through missions quickly when you are starting, or to really challenge yourself.

You can buy Madden 20 for PC, Xbox One and PC starting at $59.99 at GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon and digitally through Microsoft and Sony.

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