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LG G7 vs LG G5: Worth the Upgrade?



LG G7 vs LG G5: Camera(s)

LG G7 vs LG G5: Camera(s)

Just like many LG phones, the new LG G7 has two cameras on the back. However, unlike previous years, they're both pretty darn good. With the LG G5 you had a 13MP camera, then a lower quality wide-angle lens that took pretty good photos. 

With the LG G7, you have two highly capable 16-megapixel camera sensors. One is incredibly fast and takes great low-light photos thanks to an f/1.6 aperture. Then, the secondary 16MP sensor has a wide-angle for better photography in specific situations. Keep in mind that the better sensor meant the wide-angle isn't quite as wide as before, but the photos look WAY better. 

You'll also enjoy optical image stabilization, even if video, HDR mode, and portrait style bokeh photos with both the front and rear cameras. Well, if you upgrade to the LG G7, that is. The front-facing camera is better too. So while the G5 still takes pretty decent photos, if you love snapping them, you'll want to upgrade.  

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