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LG G7 vs LG G5: Worth the Upgrade?



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LG G7 ThinQ Release Date & Price

LG G7 ThinQ Release Date & Price

In closing, when can you get LG's new phone and how much will it cost? Well, we don't' have all the answers yet, but the wait is almost over. 

In fact, you can get the new LG G7 ThinQ starting around June 1st from most carriers in the United States. At this point you probably don't owe anything on the G5, you're out of contract, and you can upgrade right away or even trade it in for about $200 toward the G6. Combine that with monthly payments of around $28, and this is an easy decision. 

LG didn't announce pricing or full availability yet, but we're assuming all carriers in the US will have it starting June 1st for around $699 or so. Not only is that a decent price, but it's cheaper than most of the Android competition right now. 

you might not have any major reason to upgrade from the LG G5 to the G7. If you do though, you'll enjoy a better experience in every area of the phone. From the screen, performance, battery life, to that impressively loud new boombox speaker on the bottom. 

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