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LG G7 vs LG G5: Worth the Upgrade?



Modular vs Water Resistance

Modular vs Water Resistance

The LG G5 had a modular design where you could slide out the battery from the bottom. Once you did, you could add a camera attachment, or replace the battery. And while that's cool, most owners never used such features. It just made the phone look and feel a little on the cheap side. 

Let's be honest, the small removable 2,800 mAh battery just isn't big enough for the LG G5. 

And while the LG G7 battery is no longer removable, and only 3,000 mAh, ditching the modular design is a good thing. That's because now you have wireless charging to easily refill your battery and water-resistance. And not just any "waterproof" rating either. 

The LG G7 is IP68 dust and water resistance up to 5ft for 30 minutes. That's a higher rating than the iPhone 8 or iPhone X. I'll take that over a removable battery, any day. 

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