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Madden 18 Pre-Order: 5 Reasons to Buy & 2 Reasons to Wait



Should you place a Madden 18 pre-order? There are actually a few good reasons to pre-order Madden 18, but there are almost as many good reasons to wait before you buy Madden 18.

After years of incremental graphics upgrades, Madden 18 switches to Frostbite. This is a new game engine that will deliver better-looking graphics and unlocks the ability to play a new game mode with a story. The new Madden 18 trailer and this information should help you decide if it is worth pre-ordering Madden 18 or not.

The Madden 18 release date is August 22nd for the G.O.A.T. edition and August 25th for the standard edition. Here’s a rundown of the difference in the two Madden 18 editions to help you decide which one to buy if you decide to pre-order.

The reasons to pre-order Madden 18 and the reasons to wait before placing your order.

The reasons to pre-order Madden 18 and the reasons to wait before placing your order.

There are definitely some reasons to place your Madden 18 pre-order today, but many buyers should wait until there are more details and even Madden 18 reviews before buying the new game. You can cancel most Madden 18 pre-orders on disk, but if you are buying digitally, there are generally no cancellations.

Reasons to Pre-Order Madden 18

  • You Love Madden 18
  • You Want the Madden 18 G.O.A.T. Edition
  • Pre-Order for Massive Madden 18 Deals
  • You Want Pre-Order Bonuses
  • You Want to Play Early
  • You Want to Pre-Load

Reasons Not to Pre-Order Madden 18

  • Wait for More Info
  • Wait for Reviews

Now that you know the summary, keep reading Madden 18 pre-order guide to find learn more about each reason so you can make your own decision about Madden 18.

You can pre-order Madden 18 at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and other retailers.

You Love Madden 18

You Love Madden 18

Is Madden 18 your game? If you only buy one sports game every fall and you play it all year with your friends and against online opponents, then there is no major reason to wait.

We know the Madden 18 release date, and we know a lot about the new Madden 18 features including the new Longshot mode that puts you in the shoes of an up and coming player. We've also learned significantly more about the new Madden 18 features and new game modes.

For many gamers, there would need to be a massive change to the franchise to stop them from buying the new Madden game each year. While you may not want to pre-order this early, there are few reasons not to pre-order if you buy Madden every year and don't see a reason to stop now that the game is official. 

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