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Madden 19 vs Madden 18: 9 Exciting New Madden 19 Features



Madden 19 Running Upgrades

Following on the Real Player Motion Upgrades, you will see better running moves and rushing progress in Madden 19. This is exciting as I've been longing for rush upgrades for several years. 

With the new RPM feature we know about two rushing upgrades that I plan to put to immediate use when I get the game later this year. With Real Player Motion you will be able to better hit the hole and your blockers will now be able to help you get the extra yard you need. 

EA says, this will allow you to Hit the Hole, "by finding an open lane, maneuvering around your opponent, and seamlessly running through the lane for that critical extra yardage." I'm sick of getting caught up on blockers and then tackled, so hopefully this will help. In all you'll find the following new Madden 19 running moves;

  • Sharp Cuts - Now you can make a sharp cut instead of a rounded turn to stay in at the edge of the field.
  • One-Cut - You can activate a special acceleration burst if you time the button press right and you get one per play.
  • Hit the Hole - Flick the RS towards a gap and skip through a smaller hole.
  • Push the Pile - Move the pile forward when there is no hole, without getting caught up on your own blockers.

EA adds in the ability to combine special moves. They calls this branching special moves. It will allow you to chain together a juke and a spin and back to a juke if you need to get out of a sticky situation.

On defense you will be able to Strafe Burst, to combat the One-Cut move. 

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