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Madden 19 vs Madden 18: 9 Exciting New Madden 19 Features



Madden 19 Catching Upgrades

Madden 19 Catching Upgrades

New in-air physics and control modes will change how you go after a catch in Madden 19. 

EA switches up the controls so that you can take control of your receiver and go for the pass at the high point, instead of waiting for it to come back down. This is a new user-control option. 

You'll need to pay attention to position of the ball and the type of catch you are trying for. If you go for a RAC when the ball is too high, you won't come down with it at all. 

You'll also need to pay attention to defenders who can better choose to go after the ball or to deliver a devastating hit to knock your catch loose. 

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