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Madden 19 vs Madden 18: 9 Exciting New Madden 19 Features



Madden 19 Graphics Upgrades

EA promises visual upgrades with new Madden 19 graphics features that will immerse you in the game even more. In 2017 we saw Frostbite come to Madden 19 for the first time and with the Xbox One and PS4 Pro we saw better graphics. 

With Madden 19 graphics you can expect even more upgrades as the team learns how to better use Frostbite and the engine itself is upgraded. We're waiting to see what this looks like, but EA is teasing the new looks already. 

EA says, "Madden NFL 19 will flex more of the Frostbite muscle, providing broadcast-quality graphics for a level of immersion for the ultimate gridiron gaming experience."

You can see the side by side comparisons in the video above, which shows off the new graphics that you can see soon on your console. 



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