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6 Must-Play Xbox One Games in 2017



Cuphead – Out Now

Cuphead – Out Now

Cuphead once again proves that the best games don’t cost a lot or require a huge development team. Cuphead’s development team quit their jobs and mortgaged their houses to get the independent game on the Xbox One, Xbox One S and Windows PCs.

You play as Cuphead, a cartoon character that’s constantly in danger. The game is difficult, and it gets harder to complete levels the longer you last. Unlike most platformers, Cuphead supports two players, so a friend can help you with the game’s more difficult challenges. Its art style also makes it unique, its hand-drawn and takes inspiration from cartoons made in the 1930s.

Cuphead is $19.99 from the Xbox Store. Buying a digital copy of the game for Xbox One unlocks a second version for your Windows 10 PC.

Buy Cuphead from the Microsoft Store for $19.99



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