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6 Must-Play Xbox One Games in 2017



L..A. Noire – November 14th

L..A. Noire – November 14th

One of Xbox One’s must-play games in 2017 isn’t a new title at all. L.A. Noire launches on November 14th, and it’s a refreshed version of the same game for Xbox 360 and the PS3.

L.A. Noire belongs in any Xbox One owner’s collection because it’s very different from Grand Theft Auto 5 and the other titles that Rockstar releases. In the game, you’re Cole Phelps, a rookie cop that slowly moves up the ranks in the Los Angeles Police Department. Crime is sweeping 1950s Los Angeles, and Cole Phelps wants to help put everything right.

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Shootouts happen in L. A. Noire, but you spend just as much time looking for clues as you do hunting bad guys. Team Bondi, the game’s developer, used face scanning technology to make every character’s face more detailed than they would be in any other game. You must solve each crime, and only careful attention to detail gets you the best results.

L. A. Noire for Xbox One has four new suits for players to unlock, new weather systems, more vehicles and every piece of add-on content that the original game came with. On Xbox One and Xbox One X, L.A. Noire has 4K visuals.

Pre-Order L.A. Noire from GameStop for $59.99



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