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NBA 2K17 Features: All The Reasons You Should Buy This Year’s Game



Coach K Tutorials

Coach K Tutorials

With the 2016 Rio Olympic Games happening just before NBA 2K17’s release, it seems silly that we didn’t all assume there’d be some kind of tie in with this year’s title.

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Team USA’s go-to basketball coach, Mike Krzyzewksi is featured in 2KU, a new tutorial feature for the game. According to 2K Games, Coach K and NBA 2KU will teach gamers the basketball fundamentals that are crucial to winning games both inside the title and in the real world. Coach K and his Team USA athletes captured Gold Medals and the now over Rio Games. In The Prelude and the regular game, players get a call from Coach K’s assistant unexpectedly, introducing players to the 2KU feature.  

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Christine White

    09/19/2016 at 2:32 am

    NBA 2K17, it will be the best game of 2016. Like 2k16, this time also 2k has released Locker codes for the game. These locker codes allow players to get many benefits within the game like in-game currencies or unlockables things in the game. I got addicted from NBA 2K16. Now i will buy NBA 2K17.

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