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NBA 2K17 Features: All The Reasons You Should Buy This Year’s Game



Updated App & Face Integration

Updated App & Face Integration

Keen on offering players new character customization options Visual Concepts offered ways to let players digitize their face for inclusion in NBA 2K16. Though nifty, the featured relied on Xbox One and PS4 users have each platform’s respective camera utilities. The idea was great, but the monsters the system created were lampooned for days after the game’s launch.

The feature is back this time, but it’s linked to the game’s companion app instead. NBA 2K17 won’t feature support for the PlayStation Camera or PlayStation Move where facial recognition is concerned. The hope is that this new version will do a much better job of what the original feature was said to achieve: seamless player creation.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Christine White

    09/19/2016 at 2:32 am

    NBA 2K17, it will be the best game of 2016. Like 2k16, this time also 2k has released Locker codes for the game. These locker codes allow players to get many benefits within the game like in-game currencies or unlockables things in the game. I got addicted from NBA 2K16. Now i will buy NBA 2K17.

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