10 Exciting New Borderlands 3 Features
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10 Exciting New Borderlands 3 Features



Reworked Skill Trees w/ Augmentations

Reworked Skill Trees w/ Augmentations

Gearbox has revamped the game's skill trees making them much bigger giving players more leeway when creating their character.

From the start, each playable character gets three action skills to level up and swap between.

For instance, Amara, a Siren class, comes with a Phaseslam area-of-effect attack, a Phasegrasp that you can use to lift and hold enemies in place, and a Phasecast sends a projection forward dealing damage to enemies in its path. 

According to Randy Pitchford, you can eventually unlock augmentations for these action skills. These augmentations provide you with even more customization options. We don't know anything about these augmentations yet. 

Bottom line is, you and a friend could pick the same character, but have totally different builds based on path you take. 

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