10 Exciting New Borderlands 3 Features
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10 Exciting New Borderlands 3 Features



Space & Planets

Space & Planets

Borderlands 3 is leaving the confines of Pandora for space.

Instead of using the hub city of Pandora, you'll be using a spaceship called Sanctuary 3 to traverse space and the game's planets. 

On board the spaceship you'll find many familiar faces. You can mount trophies in Sir Hammerlock's room, access Crazy Earl's Black Market, and play slot machines at Moxxi's bar. 

Your character also has their own room that you can decorate with your various weapons. 

The Sanctuary 3 orbits planets like Pandora and Promethea and you can choose which destination you want to visit from the ship's bridge.

Each planet features a unique environment to explore and enemies to wipe out. Gearbox mentions hostile deserts, war-torn cityscapes, and deadly bayous which should make for extremely diverse combat and exploration. 

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