10 Exciting New Borderlands 3 Features
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10 Exciting New Borderlands 3 Features



Mantling & Sliding

Mantling & Sliding

One of the biggest changes coming to Borderlands in Borderlands 3 is the ability to mantle and slide. This might not sound like a huge deal if you haven't played Borderlands before but veteran Borderlands players will certainly appreciate this.

Previous Borderlands games featured straightforward movement which limited what your character could do in combat and while traversing the world. 

In Borderlands 3, you can now run and slide or jump up and mantle onto a ledge which should lead to a lot more fluidity, particularly during gunplay. 

You can check out mantling and sliding in the video from the gameplay reveal below. 

This might seem like a subtle change, but it'll be a lifesaver.

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