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Madden 18 vs Madden 17: 11 Exciting New Madden 18 Features



Madden Ultimate Team Rewards Changes for Madden 18

Madden Ultimate Team Rewards Changes for Madden 18

If you love Madden Ultimate Team, you'll want to pay attention to the changes for MUT Champions rewards that are coming in Madden 18. 

MUT Champions is a weekly challenge that has you qualify for the weekend league by play during the week. You can win a MUT Champions Knockout Tournament by winning three games in a row (with eight chances to do so). Those run twice a week, so you actually have 16 chances to qualify. From You can also qualify with H2H seasons.

Once you qualify, you play the Weekend League which goes from Friday morning to Monday morning. You can play up to 25 games, and you want to win as many as possible. You'll win 1,000 coins for winning a game and 500 for losing after halftime.

On Wednesday after the league is closed, the real prizes come out. The image above shows what you win, with the best rewards for players in the top 100. Here's what you get in each of these special packs;

Bronze Tier WL Pack: 3x 65+ OVR Players and 1x 60+ OVR Player
Silver Tier 2 WL Pack: 3x 70+ OVR Players and 1x 65+ OVR Player and 1x 60+ OVR Player
Silver Tier 1 WL Pack: 3x 75+ OVR Players and 1x 70+ OVR Player and 2x 65+ OVR Players
Silver Tier 1 WL Plus Pack: 5x 75+ OVR Players and 1x 70+ OVR Player
Gold Tier 2 WL Pack: 1x 80+ OVR Player and 2x 75+ OVR Players and 3x 70+ OVR Players
Gold Tier 1 WL Pack: 1x 80+ OVR Player and 2x 75+ OVR Players and 4x 70+ OVR Players
Elite Tier WL Pack: Your choice of choosing one of three Elite Players, with one guaranteed to be 84 OVR or better

The Elite Tier WL Pack is new this year and it is a Fantasy Pack. That means you can open it, see three Elite players and choose the one you want on your team. You get that player and the others are discarded. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Greg

    05/18/2017 at 1:17 pm

    Looks like I’m first. Another yet of promises and another year of exploits.
    We already see the exploit and unrealistic passing they have already which to a degree lets you target the WR. I can see this making for some messy games because there is no INTELLIGENCE behind the feature. Just because you target someone doesn’t mean they will be READY for the pass. This game does NOT respect route running and timing.

    Day ONE… no matter the video or what gamers who tell us differently with their canned disclaimers… I will show the SAME ISSUES continue to exist in this game and features is nothing more than a marketing tool rather than a true feature.

    I’m posting videos from M17 now and will look for them to continue to exist in M18 and I will post them IMMEDIATELY this time around.

    The videos will consist of Gameplay (the most important: Fake AI, Fake Physics, Predetermined tackles, etc… ), Playbook (creation, editing, settings, flow), Practice Mode, Commentary… yes commentary is not just about updating a players last week stats and status for this week to play, Game UI while playing (lots and lots and lots of bugs).

    Having improved graphics and poor game play doesn’t make for much of an improvement.

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