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OnePlus 6T vs Galaxy Note 9: What You Need to Know



The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is one of the best phones available right now, but it’s not the only phone worth buying. In fact, the new OnePlus 6T offers a similar experience for nearly half the price. With that in mind, here’s how the two compare and everything buyers need to know.

If you’re hunting for your next smartphone the Galaxy Note 9 is a top contender. However, with so many options the $1,000 price tag is hard to swallow. That’s why the OnePlus 6T is such an exciting alternative.

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Packing a Note-sized 6.4-inch AMOLED display, in-display fingerprint sensor, and the latest Android 9 Pie all for $549 this phone is worth considering. It’s a great option, especially now that its available from T-Mobile and works on Verizon.

There are plenty of excellent Android smartphones available right now. We’re talking about the Google Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL. Not to mention the LG V40, OnePlus 6T, and maybe the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

A big part of your buying decision will be what you need and how much you can afford. That’s also what makes OnePlus phones popular. They’re typically a no-compromises device with all the bells and whistles for less money than the competition. This year though, the OnePlus 6T is missing a few specs Samsung has, while offering a few they don’t. Some of them are really important too, like water-resistance and wireless charging.

The Galaxy Note 9 went on sale a few months back, so most buyers have a good idea of what to expect already. Not to mention it’s nearly identical to the Galaxy Note 8 from last year. The OnePlus 6T is brand new and we only have a small idea of what to expect from it.

Both of these phones have huge screens, tons of power, plenty of storage, and more than one camera on the back. However, how those cameras work and some of those other features will make or break this deal for you. Not only does the OnePlus 6T match the Note 9 across the board, but it beats it in some key areas. There are pros and cons to each, and you’ll have to decide which ones are more important to you.

There’s plenty to like about Samsung’s Note 9, but the same can be said about the OnePlus 6T. Which is why we highly recommend potential buyers pay attention to the talking points in our slideshow below. This is our Galaxy Note 9 vs OnePlus 6T comparison.

OnePlus 6T vs Note 9: Display

OnePlus 6T vs Note 9: Display

First things first, we want to talk about the giant screens on these two phones. If you're considering the Note 9, the big screen isn't an issue. In fact, you probably want the big screen.

If so, you'll love the OnePlus 6T, as it has a similar 6.41-inch Samsung-made AMOLED screen that looks great. It's not curved like a Samsung though, which may be something you do or don't like. Samsung's phone doesn't have a notch, but there are bezels at the top and the bottom. 

With OnePlus, you're getting a similar huge screen with nearly no bezels, which means the phone is physically smaller. Even though they have the same size screen. OnePlus has a smaller bottom bezel and almost nothing at the top except a tiny notch around the front camera. That's all. It's way smaller than the iPhone Xs notch.

Considering both phones have huge Samsung-made screens, it comes down to if you want the notch or not. 

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