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OnePlus 7 Pro vs Pixel 4 XL: Worth the Wait?



Buyers have several great Android phones to choose from here in 2019, like the OnePlus 7 Pro and Galaxy Note 10. However, Google’s upcoming Pixel 4 XL might be even better. If you’re debating getting the OnePlus 7 Pro or waiting for the Pixel here’s what you need to know about both.

We have about a month to wait for the Pixel 4 but already know everything about it thanks to a slew of leaks. That said, the OnePlus 7 Pro is readily available and a 7T is on the way, which is making Pixel fans anxious. If you can’t wait for Google the choice is clear, but if you can you’ll have a tough choice to make.

Either way, these are still your two best options when it comes to stock Android and a powerful smartphone in the second half of 2019. Yes, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is great, the Note 10 is too, and so is the Huawei P30, but if you want clean stock Android, these are your choices.

For the first time ever OnePlus released two phones to start the year but only the flagship OnePlus 7 Pro is available in the United States. However, another option is the 7T or 7T Pro is on the way too.

Google will deliver at least two new Pixel 4 devices and potentially a third, all of which could give OnePlus and Samsung a run for their money. Plus, between leaked photos and Google’s official announcement, we know what it’ll look like, new camera features and more. What this all boils down to is that a lot of great phones are coming, and you’ll have your pick between multiple screen sizes and price points.

Our slideshow below goes over everything we know about both and how they compare. That way you can decide whether or not you’ll buy the OnePlus 7 Pro this summer, or wait for the Pixel 4 XL in October.

OnePlus 7 Pro vs Pixel 4 XL: Display (and notch)

OnePlus 7 Pro vs Pixel 4 XL: Display (and notch)

The first thing we need to talk about when discussing these phones is the screen size or sizes. Mainly because that's one of the most important specs people look at when buying a new phone. 

It's still far too early for us to know what Google has planned, but we can make some speculative guesses and compare it to what's here from OnePlus. 

  • OnePlus 7 Pro: 6.67-inch Quad HD 90Hz AMOLED Display
  • Pixel 4 XL: 5.7 and 6.3-inch Quad-HD AMOLED 90 Hz "Smooth Display"

The OnePlus 7 Pro is ALL screen on the front. There's no notch, camera cutout, nothing. It's 100% screen using all of that 6.67-inch space. They've managed that by putting the front-facing camera inside a mechanical pop-up slider notch. Then, they've embedded the sensors and earpiece into the metal frame. It's a beautiful design as you can see from our photos here. 

As for Google's Pixel 4 XL, no one liked the huge notch on the 3XL so Google is going back to the drawing board. Well, they're simply going bezel-free everywhere but the top, and have a small forehead of bezel across the entire top. There's no notch or cutout, but there is a bezel. However, there's a reason for that we'll talk about in a bit. 

And did we mention that just like the OnePlus 7 Pro, Google's Pixel 4 series will have a  screen with a 90Hz refresh rate? That means it refreshes the display 90 times per second, compared to only 60Hz on most devices. Even the Galaxy S10 is only a 60Hz screen. It makes the OnePlus 7 look and feel super fast, smooth, and crisp. 

These two devices are closer than you think, except for the popup camera. 

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